Buy Research Chemicals With This Site? Is it safe?

Is it safe to buy research chemicals with this site? Oh, yes you’ve heard the nasty stories, about people scamming you. By the way, for us it’s mostly when you buy something online, we think; well, is this reliable? Is this not some scam? Isn’t there a catch or snag hiding somewhere?

4fmp kopen zonder addertje onder het gras

And so also when you buy research chemicals you wonder, is this site to buy my research chemicals on safe and reliable? How do I know that this research chemicals site is actually safe and reliable? What I really have to look out for  when buying research chemicals online? So in this blog we are going to give you some tips to buy research chemicals as safe as possible. ALD 52

Do you know us?

You might already know us. Then you know we are reliable in delivering REAL Research Chemicals. Because you don’t have to believe us. You should only believe your own memories about our fast and prompt deliveries. And then there are your other memories…..

Well okay, below you immediately can safely buy you favourite research chemical in your own well know and thrustworthy research chemical shop. We take it that you don’t want a sample again so just go to our research chemicals shop.  All other, just click on continue reading. Because some tension when you  buy research chemicals online is bound to exist.

With buying research chemicals it might be even a little more. Lots op people think it’s quite exciting to buy research chemicals.

To buy research chemicals on the street

The other alternative is to buy research chemicals on the street with some dodgy character. Even when your dealer can be trusted, he or she is more than often not somebody who is always on time. Lots of time they kept you waiting and nobody showed up.

Yeah, probably when you apply for the profession of streetdealer “punctuality” isn’t much of a dealbreaker

Sometimes you find yourself walking in an obscure neighbourhood and you don’t feel safe at all. Every time you count yourself lucky you got out in once piece again. Even when the house is in an okay neighbourhood, when you step into a dealers house you sort of accept your safety is not guaranteed.

buy research chemicals here not on the street

Also some dealers might come up to your door, and most people don’t want that at all.

So when you buy research chemicals online, you just don’t have this hassle. Just buying research chemicals online while you’re sitting a lazy chair using your mobile phone. Only the next thing, which research chemicals site you can pick safely to buy from and why? Are there things to look out for? Yes, there are. Just read further and we tell you what they are.


You Look To Buy Research Chemicals? You’re Not Alone.

More and more people are looking to buy research chemicals every day. At this moment millions of people do take research chemicals once or more every year. This be deducted that at about 15 % of all tests at all the  testcenters where you can test drugs or research chemicals are some sort of research chemicals.

This percentage of test on research chemicals is still rising. It’s suspected that at the end of the year 2016 15 to 20 % of all drugtest are actually tests on research chemicals. Because through testing you know that the research chemicals you bought are definitely safe.

The rise in the use of research chemicals could be that people are done with researching mainstream drugs like XTC. Especially the headaches on tuesday are not well appreciated. Some research chemicals are well known to be less a strain on your brain and body. Quite important in this society where you have to keep performing. Every sane person knows that keeping up the performance with drugs is a dead end. So lots of people are considering alternatives where they can have a party on saturday and sunday, and are good to go working on monday.

Also lot’s of drugs are illegal, so people don’t like to actually support murder, pollution of nature and other crimes.  They like that when you buy research chemicals you’re actually contributing to society with the VAT they’re paying on those research chemicals.

Four Types

Of Research Chemicals Buyers

The Experienced Research Chemicals Buyer

Globally there are four types of research chemicals buyers. There are the experienced research chemicals buyers who are already buying research chemicals for a long time. They already have found there trusted dealer who will supply them with a steady supply of their preferred research chemicals. They have a moderate to very good knowlegde base what to avoid when getting involved with the various research chemicals. They might have some failures and maybe even disasters in the past. And…everything was does not kill you makes you stronger.

The ‘done with XTC’ buyer

You have the buyers who are really done with XTC, or coke or speed or any other popular sort of drug. They are looking for the new, better stuff. With less chance of depression, headaches and tuesdaydips. They might change from XTC to 6APB or 5APB as the ‘healthier’ variant. They know which research chemicals they can research more often. That’s because some research chemicals cause less damage to braintissue so their labratsbrains survive to live another experiment.

XTC might have the longer and deeper rush that you feel connected to the world and think everybody is well worth your love, only you also have the deeper dip (mostly the notorious tuesdays). It’s like bk-EBDP what’s much stronger than XTC and last longer, only after the rush is gone you certainly feel a bit like a zombie with a severe longdisease. After a week of taking good care of yourself (tip:
alpha lipoic acid) this feeling is gone. Still you would like it much better if you do without this.

With XTC you’re also rather ‘vague’ when you’re really in that rush, while for example with 6APB or 4FA you still are able to type coherent whatsapp messages. And that while you experiencing the same love for everybody and same euphoria. Also it’s nice to be able to show up on monday for work looking and feeling a lot more normal than normally with MDMA.

The Let’s Try It Once Research Chemicals Buyers

Then there are those buyer who just want for once to try out those research chemicals they heard of. Some friends tried it out before them or they just read some magazine or newspaper where they write about those new popular legal drugs in the media. They look to buy research chemicals safely on Google and they find our site (so far, so good). After some research (pun intented) they discover that our site is one of the few sites on which you can actually make a banktransfer, and is registrated with a VAT-number and Chambers of Commerce number .

The Buyers Who Are Looking For A Good Deal On Research Chemicals

And finally there are those people who look around for the finest quality and lowest prices. Well to buy cheap research chemicals and get them also delivered fast, that’s were we as Legal Silk Road come in to play.

What are the costs of research chemicals?

With around 25 euros you mostly can buy already lots of stuff. At this moment Legalsilkroad offers lots of research chemicals safely for a price as low as 15 euro a gram. With that Legalsilkroad together with the level of thrustworthyness and promptness of delivery one of the best and cheapest out there on the online market of research chemicals.


Wat kosten research chemicals

And that counts even more when you think that we sell REAL Research Chemicals and not 98 % sugarchrystals.

So when you want to buy research chemicals on which you are able to do research on with confidence, then this your chance to give our website a chance.

3MMC 1 gram

Because if you get research chemicals what is actually something totally different then you had ordered, then lost of research experiments can fail miserably. Not too mention it can be lifethreathening too. So that’s not the way to enjoy yourself, is it?

Finding and buying those research chemicals and some website is not the problem. Only getting the right stuff delivered to your house is. At lots of websites you can buy research chemicals only at most of them you get scammed.

So what do you look for. Of course you can like at prices, and yes the prices are okay here. Further more we have really great customerservice. Just try us out sometime. We are here to serve all your research chemicals desires.

Where Do You Buy Research Chemicals Safely?

Who buys of the ‘streetdealer’ takes the most risk. You think you can’t get robbed. Only do you know the dealers his or hers real name? Do you were they live. Do you know when you get the package what’s in it. Because you probably are researching it openly on the streets where everyone can see you.

Also online you can find research chemicals websites who look nice and seem safe and trustworthy enough. It is when you only can pay with Bitcoin and or Western Union or Moneygram there is the red flag that this site is probably a scam. So just try to avoid those sites.


When you see the company has his base in the Netherlands you can check the Chambers of Commerce number at the Dutch Chambers of Commerce. If they’re registrated then you at least know that somebody is responsible. Lots of research chemicals are fully legal in the Netherlands, so something like a VAT number would come into play also.  If you put an order up on the website you should also get an invoice with the VAT separately on it.

This all will at least give you some leverage when possible shit hits the fan at the research chemical shop you have ordered. Maybe it even might help you in court.

Google is your friend

Google always the name of the site you’re thinking to buy on. Just look if you can find something positiv or negativ on that particular site.

A really good source of information are the reviews on sites like reddit, or other fora about drugs and research chemicals. Sometimes names of vendors are banned from those sites, only still with some guessing (or personal messages) you can find out who is thrustworthy and who is not. .

research chemicals betrouwbaar

Research chemicals buyers share their experiences with a journal like precicion. After some time these sites are great collections of opinions and experiences of people who buy research chemicals aroud whole the world.

Bij welke site is de 4fmp betrouwbaar?

Also read the general conditions if they’re are any. If there aren’t any general conditions that again is sort of a red flag not to order with that site. So is research chemicals site safe and thrustworthy. Just check it!

Where do you find the best and most informative when

you buy research chemicals ?

What comes in handy to prevent some personal risks is our neutral blog (with a preference for this site) on research chemicals like 3MMC or 1-p-lsd. Some of our posts are even shared on drugsfora like or because the high level of thrustworthy information and value content on our blog about reseach chemicals.

Our blog gives very good info about, what 4fmp is, the dangers of 4FA, and  how to buy online research chemicals .

Just try for example is bk-EBDP or Epylone. It is a real gem of a research chemicals. Heavier and stronger than any XTC on the market. If you like strong and heavy this is the one thing you’re looking for. Still you also have to look out for the dangers of this research chemicals.

So when you buy research chemicals, the first step is always getting informed about what you would like to research.

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