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So you want to go for buying REAL 3MMC?

You can buy 3MMC with in 3 different quantities:

3MMC kopen 1 gram1 gram for € 25,75




3MMC Kopen 5 gram5 grams for € 960.-, nope (just joking) € 90.-




3MMC kopen 10 gram10 grams for € 166,98.-




With you only buy thoroughly tested 3MMC under our guarantee. Dissatisfied with the 3MMC you bought here? Well, okay then you just don’t like 3MMC. Because it’s sure is the real and only 3MMC we have sent out to you. But….we’re not going to get into any disscussion with you. We just return your money providing if you return the 3MMC to us. Of course if you sent half of the quantity we sent to you, we return half of your money back to you. Only if you return 90 % we return to you 100 % of the money you paid. That includes even the costs of sending it back to us.

Until now we did not get any returns though. In the contratry, people do order much more after a more than pleasurable researchweekend. You never know when this superbatch or REAL 3MMC will be sold out….

Blog about research chemicals

This is one of the few sites with blogs full of expert information about research chemicals like 3MMC. works with all different kinds of suppliers. Little dealers, pharmagiants from China or India and more reliable Dutch companies. It does not really matter to us. We go were the quality is. And you know what we think is the best quality? It’s the quality our clients are giving the best feedback on. Time and time again people are buying with us because:

  1. you can find the best quality here
  2. we are fast
  3. we actually have a customerservice.

So don’t take a risk on 98 % powdered sugar. Or that you have to go to some obscure dealer. (often appointments are cancelled and it will cost you a lot of time and tension) and just not getting delivered at all. There are certainly more scammers on the internet than actual companies that deliver you the real 3MMC. Really we certainly can tell you that out of our own experience. Only instead that you get robbed we get robbed, that’s our service free of charge for you. In this ways  ordering research chemicals keeps to be fun. You will arrange by ordering here that feelings of frustration and loss will completely keep far away from your headspace.

A reagent test is not everything

You can do a simple reagent test, like the Liebermann test. That will give you some more certainty, but not a lot. For example we have had more that once that the reagent test gave the right colour only it still was not the right research chemical.

Guaranteed Track & Trace Shipment Of 3MMC

Every shipment within the EU above 50 euros will be sent by us with track & trace in a white anonymous envelop. Below 50 euros you just can pay only 5 euros extra for a quaranteed shipment with reshipping if anything is a miss. Outside the EU for shipments above 100 euros there’s free track and trace or you pay extra. More info, just go to

Orders you do before 17:00 hours are shipped out the same day.

anonymous envelop the 3MMC is transported when you have been buying 3MMC with us

Legalsilkroad is a legal member of the Chambers of Commerce, we have have a VAT-number (, and you can reach us by whatsapp (0031(0)641059262). All these things make it a lot of more simple and safer to buy research chemicals like 3MMC legally.

Because you can buy 3MMC with a lot of companies, only with a lot of companies you don’t get the real 3MMC or you just get nothing.

Buying research chemicals safe and sound

Remember buying 3MMC with Bitcoin or any other cryptocoin and no registration whatever witht any Chambers of Commerce means you could get scammed. It’s at least likely that you will get scammed. Somebody easily can make a site what looks very professional.

It always takes a while before a scamsite gets take down, if ever it gets taken down. We really are suprised for how long a scamsite can just stay up and running and keep scamming innocent people. We still get a lot of emails of people who are ripped off with other sites. And there are a lot of scamsites that still operate after two or more years? We often question how this can even be possible.

Filling in your creditcardata of paypaldate without seeing Https on your browser? You can be really sure that your creditcarddata will get sold somewhere on the Darknet to the 1 who offers the most for it. Or those paypalrobbers just empty your paypalaccount. Creditcardcompanies will not do business with companies who sell research chemicals. Paypal really does not want any business with a research chemicals site. So paying with creditcard or paypal? Again it’s more than likely you’re dealing with a fake or scamsite again.

To Buy 3MMC Is Safe With Legal Silk Road

Buying 3MMC is safe with Legal Silk Road, because you can normally pay with banktransfer, Circle or Ideal (if you have a Dutch bankaccount). So there is an actual company behind it all. Therefor in any event you can track our company down. Also you can count on the strict Dutch laws regarding your purchase on the internet.

Safe? Okay, I’m in.

Legal Silk Road is a legal company and therefor we have to follow all the rules and laws. We have to deliver what you’re ordering. We also  (allthough lots of people don’t give a shit) pay our taxes. You will help to fund a new road or new hospital etc. instead of providing money for the new Mercedes AMG of the local drugdealer of your choice.

Our research chemicals are tested. Are you still not satisfied we will reimburse you without any discussion what soever or we replace your old order with a new 1.

About 3MMC and buying 3MMC we will give you update info. To find and buy the real 3MMC here is just the beginning. will go on writing blogs with expert info from well known experts and will provide you with great tips. We will try to offer you a complete overwview of all the info you need for buying and experimenting with research chemicals like 3MMC.

Less Risks With Buying 3MMC Or Other Legal Research Chemicals

Here on you will simply find the nowadays most popular and legal research chemicals. Most people don’t know that research chemicals is not about going for something less. Because often people think that illegal is better. Only that’s not based on actual facts, it’s just more of a general feeling. A lot of research chemicals are probably even better than the ‘real stuff’. It looks like the obvious reason that most people go for the illegal variant is because that most of the research chemicals are not yet well known with the general public.

Buying 3MMC is fully legal!

to buy 3MMC no problem


With buying 3MMC you don’t have to be (as long as Dutch law does not change) afraid for fines or even jailtime for possesion on illegal substances that are on the Dutch  Opiumlijst I , as long as you stay on Dutch soil. All our substances you buy here are fully legal in the Netherlands. At this moment there isn’t really a big tolerance here for little quantities of illegal substances.

The tolerance quantity here is just 1 pil or 0,5 gram of cocaine, and you still get your name listed. So if you can get out of any problems with illegal substance you’re just being lucky. So why take the risks of buying illegal drugs that are mostly cut down to a half?

There are even risks you probably did not think off, let’s name some:

The (mostly) unknown financial riks of illegal drugs

  • You crash your car under the influence of illegal drugs, after the crash you’re subjected to a bloodtest. Your allrisk insured car with a total worth of ? has now suddenly become uninsured. You can pay for your crashed car out of your own pocket. With research chemicals in your possesion (because they normally don’t test on those), you have a far better chance to get away with it. Of course you just don’t take drugs when you go out driving your car. And research chemicals are not fit for human consumption. So consider yourself to be warned!
  • With a sideroad traffic check they will do a saliva test and after that a bloodtest. With reseach chemicals in your possesion you now have a much better chance in keeping your drivers licence. Under the influence of XTC or MDMA, at least in the Netherlands, you lose your licence for at least 6 months. That of course besides an enormous fine of about 850 euros. That can be a bit of burden if you need to drive a car for your work. And yes, the police in a lot of countries around the world are now actively doing salivatests. So you have been warned again.
  • Maybe it’s also a bit of a pain to explain to your work that you’re in jail because you had some illegal drugs in your possesion. With research chemicals like 3MMC you don’t have any trouble with the police. You always get released, providing of course 3MMC is legal in your country. Also the simple reagent tests the police are using will not work with most research chemicals. So you can just tell what it is and the police will have to set you free bro (or sis)!. The least you can get here in the Netherlands is a fine and the minimum fine for MDMA or XTC is now 350! euro for even a small amount like 4 pills of XTC.

Why would you not buy 3MMC?

So why wouldn’t you go for buying 3MMC? If you look for what 3MMC has replaced, a lot of people even find 3MMC more enjoyable for research then Mephedrone or Meow Meow. So if it’s legal in your country, you sure don’t have to be scared to get into any trouble with the police.

So that’s why it’s much more simple and safer and more convenient to buy 3MMC here than buying some unknown substance on the streets. You sure will have a more relaxt vibe go through yourself when you’re walking on the streets. With buying 3MMC here in the Legal Silk Road shop you just can order 3MMC within the safe surroundings of your own house. If you’re living in the Netherlands most of the time already the next day you will find your white anonymous envelop in your own mailbox. So fully safe, sound and super….;-)

Just try us. 1 gram of 3MMC you can buy here for at low as € 25,75.- .

So the last thing we do is wishing you an enjoyable test and research experience with buying 3MMC here.

buying 1 gram of 3MMC