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Microdosing with lsd, The Fadiman Experiment

Microdosing with lsd, this article written about microdosing with LSD or other lysergamides only reflects the views of various researchers such as Albert Hoffman, James Fadiman, Robert Carhart-Harris and Professor Robert Schroevers.

The Fadiman experiment is about microdosing yourself with lysergamides like LSD. Microdosage with LSD could allow certain areas in your brain to be activated, even though they are normally completely inaccessible.

LSD would therefore have uses beyond simply allowing you to enjoy art and music more.

ALD 52


In the 1950s and 1960s, many researchers were experimenting with mind-enhancing drugs. In the US, for example, patients were given LSD to gain more insight into themselves. At that time, LSD was seen as a means to get rid of depression or addictions. However, in 1971, a UN convention expired and suddenly all kinds of substances such as LSD were put on a prohibited list.

However, the current scientific world does believe that a lysergamide like LSD or other similar substances such as psilocybin (paddos) could cause a number of remarkable breakthroughs in psychological research and treatment of patients suffering from depression. The party drug Ketamine is also currently under investigation for possible positive effects in terms depression. According to the researchers, the first results are promising.

However, no patent application can be made for such products. So there is little or no money to earn. That is why large pharmaceutical companies and government organisations that are more or less employed by the same pharmaceutical companies are doing everything they can to show this kind of drug in a bad light.

de wereld zien met door een 1-p-lsd bril

At the same time, microdosing could be of great help, especially in creative or artistic professions. Microdosage would strongly stimulate out of the box thinking, for example.. Scientists, too, sometimes have to come up with creative solutions. According to the Fadiman Experiment, microdosing with lysergamides has already yielded remarkable results.

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In extreme sports, as well, microdosing could be applied to the point of doping. Through microdosing you would be able to use of all your brain. This is because certain mental blockages would be removed, creating room for further growth and development.

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Buying 1-p-lsd

How you can buy 1-p-lsd safely?

The best tips for ordering 1-p-lsd  

Buying 1-p-lsd, or ordering it – it isn’t that simple as it looks like. To find 1-p-lsd sites in a Google search that want to sell you 1-p-lsd is actually not that hard.

Allthough a lot of people have really not the slightest idea how they can buy 1-p-lsd FOR REAL. Are there some good tips for buying or ordering 1-p-lsd or any other lysergamide, like ALD-52, AL-LAD, or ETH-LAD?


Because it sometimes feels like a lottery. That’s because they’re really more scammers on the internet that say they sell research chemicals then actually companies who sell research chemicals FOR REAL.

And yes, also the scamsites look very real!

That’s why we give you our ten best tips to buy 1-p-lsd FOR REAL!

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What’s the effect of Lsd and 1p-lsd?

Lysergeenzuurdi-ethylamide, also know as LSD-25 or simply called lsd, is an organic substance use to go ‘tripping’. About 1p-lsd I will give some more info later in this blog. First some more info about the LSD if you don’t know know everything about it yet.

How does LSD work?

After about a half hour until an hour after taking it LSD starts to kick in. Most commonly the LSD is taken by use of a sort of small stamp a ‘blotter’. You suck the blotter down or just lay it under your tongue. The strongest peak takes place in about 2 hour to 6 hours after taken LSD.

After 12 to 24 hours the effects of the LSD are finished completely. Those LSD-effects are called a ‘trip’ or ‘tripping’. The change to the sensatory perception is what the users of LSD are most fond of.

lsd trip

Next those effects lysergamides and tryptamines have important other effects.

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