What’s the effect of Lsd and 1p-lsd?

Lysergeenzuurdi-ethylamide, also know as LSD-25 or simply called lsd, is an organic substance use to go ‘tripping’. About 1p-lsd I will give some more info later in this blog. First some more info about the LSD if you don’t know know everything about it yet.

How does LSD work?

After about a half hour until an hour after taking it LSD starts to kick in. Most commonly the LSD is taken by use of a sort of small stamp a ‘blotter’. You suck the blotter down or just lay it under your tongue. The strongest peak takes place in about 2 hour to 6 hours after taken LSD.

After 12 to 24 hours the effects of the LSD are finished completely. Those LSD-effects are called a ‘trip’ or ‘tripping’. The change to the sensatory perception is what the users of LSD are most fond of.

lsd trip

Next those effects lysergamides and tryptamines have important other effects.

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Real hallucinations never really occur during a trip. Allthough there is more than never a change or disturbance in perception of real object or people.



The trip effects and risks of lsd

During a trip your thougts are connecting more without reality or perceived reality boundaries . So obviously often unusual connections are made. This can lead to suprising insights in your life and the lives of others around you. Allthough it can also lead to getting to be a psycho. This is certainly very rare and is mostly when you already have some kind of braindisfunction. The negative looppattern (negative thoughts coming again, and again, and again etc.) is much more common.  This is the so called bad trip. Therefor it’s advised when you go over the 150 microgram limit to always have a tripsitter present. A tripsitter is somebody who is experienced and preferably sober who can bring your thoughts to the more positive vibes in your brain. Hogere doseringen

At a more higher doses than 150 microgram changes in selfperception can occur. The so called boundaries between our own personality and those of others and our surroundings are less clear and sometimes can totally fade away (ego disstortion, ego dissolution, depersonalisation). It even can come to the point that you feel like you are one with other persons, animals or even objects.

ALD 52

Spiritual and telepathic ervaringen

This can lead to a feeling of bonding and unity. As everything is sort of connected to eachother. This feeling can even surpass any earlier experienced spiritual or religious level. Some users even experience telepathic occurences. These feeling can have a profound and positive impact on the LSD-user. On the contrary they can also produce lots of fear.


Microdosing with lsd

(Fadiman Experiment)

Besides those moderate to high doses there’s also something like ‘microdosing’.  These are very low doses of lsd of about 10 – 20 micrograms what in comparsion with the for example 400 micrograms of LSD users are taking to have a real and profound transcendental experience. Microdosing is used by most people to get and be more creative, energetic and socially agile. Also the best of the best athletes are discovering the positive effects of microdosing.

If you want to know more about microdosing just click on Microdosing with lsd 

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1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide

1p-lsd has appeared on the market as a research chemical in 2015. The effects of 1p-lsd during labresearch are very closely related to the effects of LSD as it is nothing than a prodrug. Brainscans just deliver about the same results. It’s in the same family of molecules (analog). Also it’s a homolog of ALD-52, what just like LSD, is an other psychedelic compound.

As 1p-lsd is not exactly the same as lsd, this substance can legally be obtained for research purposes. However in the United States there already have 2 courtcases against the sellers of 1-p-lsd, still the possesion of 1-p-lsd or ALD-52, or AL-LAD or ETH-LAD is still not forbidden. In most European countries the use and possesion for means of research is still fully legal. This probably also will stay like this for a while. Also probably because the ban on LSD was totally false. There are 2 deaths on LSD (with like 1000 times the normal dose) and you can’t addicted on LSD or any other lysergamide. This is because the tolerance buildup is so fast. So after a while your experiences just get very pale. You have to stop for a while else nothing substantial or enlighting happens anymore in your brain.

So here you still can legally and safely be buying-1-p-lsd .

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ALD 52

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