1 gram 3MMC HCI

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3MMC HCI oftewel


Niet voor consumptie geschikt, alleen voor research doeleinden

Bestelrestricties: wordt niet verstuurd naar België

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1 gram 3MMC HCI or


Not fit for consumption, only for research purposes

1 gram 3MMC! 3MMC is part of the cathinon class, which is a subspecies of amphetamine. I don’t know how the Indians make this 3MMC, but I know they do it the right way. Our customers are really positive about it.

3MMC 1 gram

We say this because a lot of people have some example of 3MMC. They will tell you it is not right. It’s not coke and not XTC. This 3MMC is TRIPLE A QUALITY RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

If you don’t think it is right, forget 3MMC for your experiments. This is 3MMC as it should be. Hard to find, but the connoisseur at Legal Silk Road found it (thanks Kevin ;-)). Every experiment or research can be ended in succes with this!

 Development of 3MMC

3MMC is developed as a replacement for 4MMC, also known as Mephedrone or Meow, Meow. It made you purr, it was that good.

Unfortunately it got illegal everywhere, because people are corrupt and the police and the rule of law could end itself once drugs are legalized. Apart from not being able to take more bribes.

The masses are kept dumb and are told that drugs should be prosecuted so riches and criminals can get richer. If drugs would be legalized, only in The Netherlands there is an opportunity to take 8 billion euros in VAT more. That could make The Netherlands completely climate neutral, which could get a lot of people a job… Ok, we’re on a side track now.

3MMC is a lot like 4MMC. The only difference is that the methylslub is tied to the fenyl ring in the third place (R3), with 4MMC that is fourth place (R4). In the UK 3MMC is illegal because it is analogue (looks a loot like) 4MMC.


4MMC of mephedrone

4MMC of mephedrone


Negative qualities 3MMC

With accidental consumption 3MMC can have the following negative qualities

  • There is no afterdip after researching this substance (except for fatigue), which makes you experimenting more
  • The peak effect is relatively short (1,5 hour). Because it is nice to research this, it keeps you to experiment. The risk for addiction is very high.
  • 3MMC has a very quick effect, even with oral consumption (15-30 minutes). It is really suitable for these fast times, but can make you addicted sooner. 3MMC is seen as less addictive than cocaine.
  • 3MMC can cause palpitations and cardiac arrythmias. Especially with people who take more after the short peak. 3MMC is only suitable for people who do research, not for consumption. Especially when inhaled, a lot of people are more likely to use everything they have, they can’t stop. Please use good safety precautions.
  • Because of the palpitations and cardiac arrythmias you are more sensitive to panic attacks. Stay calm.
  • Grinding teeth – chewing gum is advised. This is not as bad as with MDMA.
  • Being hyped up or aggressive – this is especially the case in combination with coke, speed, alcohol and higher doses.
  • Problems with blood circulation (be aware of cold feet and hands). Again: please use good safety precautions, an accident can always happen.

Dosage 3MMC

If you take over 2 milligram per kilogram bodily weight by accident, you are being careless. Please do not order here.

More about 3MMC is found here: https://www.legalsilkroad.com/wat-3mmc-3mmc-hetzelfde-als-mephedrone/ (in Dutch)

Order restrictions: isn’t shipped to Belgium





2 reviews for 1 gram 3MMC HCI

  1. Ronald (verified owner)

    Voor t eerst in onderzoek genomen en moet zeggen lekker researchspul wel kort maar verder goed

  2. rick

    Ik heb het 3 jaar gebruikt te koop in Zwolle smart-shop (next-level)
    erg verslavend maar echt een heerlijk gevoel
    ging nachten door ben in totaal 19 kilo afgevallen

    groet poort (nb. redactie 3MMC is als research chemical niet voor consumptie geschikt)

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