1 gram 4-CEC

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4-CEC oftewel 4chloorethcatinone oftewel


Niet voor consumptie geschikt, alleen voor research doeleinden CAS # 777666-01-2



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1 gram 4-CEC or 4chloorethcatinone or


Not fit for consumption, for research purposes only CAS # 777666-01-2

4-CEC 1 gram

1 gram 4-CEC! This research chemical belongs to the new inventions in the cathinon class, which is some form of amphetamines.

This natural version of cathinones is also found in the Qat plant that is chewed for a light stimulating effect, mainly in Somalia. Without any research Qat is placed on the Dutch Opiumlijst II in 2013.


Qat Plant

That is where all the substances go where no proof of harmfulness is, but which people enjoy.

In truth, Qat contains as many harmful substances as coffee. The worst you can say about Qat is that chewing it a lot  causes tooth decay and mouth cancer. With good dental hygiene, this is easily prevented.

In general, the available cathiones will release more dopamine into the bloodstream, and will limit the amount of serotonin and adrenaline released.

Development of 4-CEC

This research chemical is an invention done in Chinese laboratories, to go outside existing laws in certain countries. Brandnew (2012) and little is known about 4-CEC. This chemical is clearly for people who like to explore places where not many have gone bfore. Be really careful with your research!

4-CEC is similar to 4-MMC  in molecular structure, but not as much as 3MMC is similar to 4MMC. In countries with a analogue law, 4-CEC is illegal because it is a structural isomer of 4MMC (in The Netherland this substance is on Opiumlijst I). Below the molecular structure is shown.

Even a layman will see the structure is really similar.

4-CEC (C11H14ClND)

4MMC of mephedrone

4MMC of Mephedrone ( C11H15NO)

Negative qualities of 4-CEC

With accidental consumptions, some negative qualities are known. The first thing that needs to be said is, not much is known. Further research is wanted.

  • There are people who suspect the chlorine compounds tied to the carbon are toxic. The chlorine has such a strong bond with the carbon ring, you don’t have to worry about that. The chlorine compounds make sure the stimulating effect of cathinones are quickly released and also quickly gone. It takes an hour to feel the effects, and you will feel them for another 1,5 hour.
  • This research chemical has an extra suspicion of damage done to your 5-HT transporter and DA-transporter. After accidental consumption, please take extra alfaliponacid, vitamin C, melatonin, Q10, eat fatty fish or take Omega 3 to limit possible damage to the brain.
  • This chemical is known to have people take more for research. If you don’t pay attention and disciplin yourself, a gram is gone quickly. There is almost no dip after use, which  increases this effect.
  • After an accident with 4-CEC you short term memory can be limited for a week or so.
  • You might grind your teeth
  • You could get a warm, happy and relaxed feeling, while you feel really alert. Which can contribute to a possible addiction. Be aware when you use and take precautions. You wouldn’t be the first researcher to go over to the ‘dark side’.

Dosage 4-CEC

Little is known. You could test on animals, test it oral, nasal or anal. You can probably use at least 2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. This goes for people who want to do research on this chemical. Be aware: 4-CEC is a research chemical and not fit for consumption. Take enough precautions in your research.

Final remarks Legal Silk Road about 4-CEC

The cheap alternative for 3MMC. It was brought to the Chinese market because 3MMC was made illegal in October 2015.

In general people think 3MMC is better for research, and is more widely known. If this is important for your research, or you want to compare results, you should probably choose 3MMC chrystals.

3MMC 1 gram

But you never know, maybe 4-CEC is better for your personal research. Tastes differ. This chemical is 40 % cheaper than 3MMC.

There are also people who mix a piece of 4-CEC (20%) with 3MMC for their research, it is supposed to give the research a little more edge.






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    Niet voor mij besteed ! Maakt zo te zien in de tests alleen maar zenuwachtig, geen euforie,geen stimulans en is kort werkend al goed ! Grtz

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