100 grams 3-FEA


100 gram 3-FEA oftewel 3-Fluorethamphetamine

oftewel 1-(3-fluorophenyl)-2-ethylaminopropane poeder

Niet voor consumptie geschikt – alleen voor research doeleinden



100 grams 3-FEA or 3-Fluorethamphetamine

or 1-(3-fluorophenyl)-2-ethylaminopropane powder

3-FEA of 3-fluoroethamphetamine moleculaire structuur


Product description

Not fit for consumption – use only for research purposes in powder form. Molecular formula: C11H16FN – appearance: fuzzy white powder

With accidental consumption 3-FEA has the following negative qualities.

Negative qualities 3-FEA

  • You cannot sleep for at least 10 hours if you took 3-FEA
  • 3-FEA causes an elevated heart rate, with chronical use there is a higher chance of fibrosis to the heart
  • 3-FEA causes a chance of over-heating
  • Higher blood pressure with elevated risks for cerebral hemorrhage
  • Grinding your teeth
  • With high doses (over 2 mg per kilogram of body weight) ther is an afterdip
  • A typical amphetamine problem: stomach issues. 40 mg pantoprazol will help with this issue.

For more information on these dangers, go to:  https://www.legalsilkroad.com/4fa-of-4fmp-gevaarlijk/

3-FEA, a replacement for 4FA?

Many people looked for a replacement for 4FA in molecular structures. Up until now these replacements are not good. 3FA or 2FA are no good. 4fluormethamphematine or 4FMA (actually 4FMP) is closest. Compared to this stuff 4FA is a teddybear and 4FMP/4FMA is a grizzlybear.

4-fluormethamfetamine is just no good. De addition of meth guarantees more oxidative stress to the brain.



Kevin describes that research shows that a lot of people were looking for the ‘total wow’ feeling when using 4FA. That’s why they took more, because they were looking for the feeling of XTC. They were put on the wrong tracks because of a nickname of 4FA: XTC light. These users were probably looking for a hightened serotonin release. They probably thought: I take more XTC light, that makes for XTC.

3-FEA compared to 4FA and MDMA for serotonin release?

4FA is comparable to 80% speed and around 20% XTC. If this is the ratio, you will add more speed if you take more. Through these extremely high doses (above 2 mg per kilogram body wight, but mosty around 3 mg) you will get extremely high bloodpressure as an unwanted bonus. These extremely high doses cause the most accidents (>90%)(source: RIVM research 2015).

In some researches from James H. Woods (Emeritus Professor at the University of Michigan) and Richard Earl Tessel (Professor at the University of Kansas) done on rhesus monkeys show a higher serotonin release with 3FEA than for example 4FA. In it’s molecular structure it is around 50% more potent than 4FA. Use at least a 50% lower dose on you experimental animals compared to 4FA.

In case your experimental animals have developed a high tolerance, you can give them Magnesium Citrate. This will lower their tolerance.

This will get you research results closer to those of MDMA (XTC). Presumably 3-FEA is between 4FA and MDMA for releasing serotonin. Compared to 4FA there will be a lower dopamine release. If you want more information about substances like dopamine and serotonin, read this blogpost (in Dutch).

James H. Woods

James H. Woods

Richard E. Tessel

Richard Earl Tessel






The research done so far is very  limited, more research is needed.

In case you have an accident, even after taking precaution meassures, these are easy to recognize. You will clearly feel something if you don’t use any protection during your research. You will feel sharp and energized. Your pupils wil also be dilated.

Duration of 3-FEA with careless research

Set in 30-45 minutes

Duration – 4 to 12 hours (peak 2 – 4 hours)




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