Flunitrazolam blotters (0,25 mg) 10 pc

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10 Flunitrazolam blotters (0,25 mg)

Niet voor consumptie geschikt – alleen voor research doeleinden




Just for research purposes. Not fit for consumption.

100 Flunitrazolam blotters (0,25 mg)

flunitrazolam 100 blotters.

Flunitrazolam (C17H12FN5O2) Productbeschrijving

Flunitrazolam is a benzodiazepin derivative,beloning to the Triazolobenzodiazepines.

Be careful with your research, without the use of precautionary meassures you can get sleepy.

This will make using heavy machinery, conducting vehicles or even being on public roads very dangerous.

Even more danger is caused by a combination with alcohol or other narcotics.

Please do your research completely sober and take enough precoutionary meassures.

Also read this blogpost about benzodiazepins (in Dutch).




1 review for Flunitrazolam blotters (0,25 mg) 10 pc

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Onderzoek meer dan geslaagd, voor herhaling vatbaar.

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