Sample 2C-B-Fly 5 pellets

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Niet voor consumptie geschikt, alleen voor research doeleinden


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Sample 5 pellets 2C-B-Fly 10 milligrams

2C-B-Fly, not fit for consumption, just for research purposes.


IUPAC: 2-(4-bromo-2,3,6,7-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-f][1]benzofuran-8-yl)ethanamine hydrochloride

CAS: 178557-21-6

5 piece pellets 10 milligram 2C-B-Fly

Development of 2C-B-Fly

2C-B-Fly was firs developed by Aaron P. Monte in 1996. FLY refers to 2 tetrahydrofuran rings on each side of the central benzene ring. These 2 tetrahydrofuran rings look a little bit like two wings, which explains fly. Monte didn’t do this because it looked cool, but these 2 wings are always in the right position to bind with bodily receptors.

Negative qualities 2C-B-Fly

With accidental consumption 2C-B-Fly can express the following negative qualities (especially with >0,25 mg/kg)

  • You will talk a lot
  • You will see images that are not real
  • Stomach issues (gas, bloated, diarrhea)
  • Relatively dangerous in combination with medicine and drugs (including alcohol)
  • Watery eyes
  • Grinding teeth
  • A lot of yawning
  • Dehydration
  • Muscle aches
  • Headaches (2C-B-Fly will increase blood pressure)

Dosages of 2C-B-Fly

Needs to be very precise, because you need a substantial minimal amount.

An accidental consumption of 10-20 mg with 80 kg body weight is enough for someone to lose it.

We advise you not to buy powder, because mistakes are easily made.

Pellets decrease the need for expensive safety meassures. Good, firm latex gloves are enough.

With powder you need a really good (and expensive) scale.

These pellets are made with very precise professional equipment, which takes away one of the biggest cons of doing research.





2 reviews for Sample 2C-B-Fly 5 pellets

  1. Jack van Amstel


  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    Fantastic service! Had a very interesting and educational experience experimenting on this substance.

    Upon arrival, I immediately contained the 2c-b-FLY in an air-proof tent. After some mental preparation, I entered the experimental zone in a standard HAZMAT suit and ran the necessary tests to confirm that this substance is indeed 2c-b-FLY. A single 10mg pellet was then safely destroyed via remote detonation by a radio-controlled EOD bot.

    The success of the test left me a little emotional, and I suggest having a companion nearby to share the experience with.

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