Research chemicals: pro’s and con’s (advantages and disadvantages)

Research chemicals. When people hear this word for the first time, this word sounds for the most people as something chemical and scientific. A lot of people  are more familiar with the synonym, designerdrugs. Designerdrugs are coming more and more in the news because governments are trying desperately to keep up with the new inventions of all the research labs in the word. The most popular substances they already banned or they try to ban them. Research chemicals like  6APB or 1-p-lsd, and 3mmc   are already forbidden in countries like Germany and Great Britain.

Why research chemicals get banned?

Yeah, good question. Why? Because for example with 1-p-lsd there is not 1 case of anybody dead or even having any health problems. So mostly it’s a sort of reflex. Or maybe there is more?

Think about it, governments are paid by big pharmacompanies, legal drugslords, like INBEV, DIAGEO, or HEINEKEN and big criminals. Because all they want is to sell their drugs at the best price possible. Ever thought of why Heineken does not like MDMA? People drink mostly lots of water and don’t drink too much beer when on MDMA. And rightfully so, we might ad.

Are research chemicals legal?

These substances are mostly new kinds of chemicals that are not too well known in the general public. Therefor governments did not really notice them, until they got more and more popular. The Dutch government did try to ban them with trying to state that research chemicals are some kind of medicines. They aren’t of course, so the Dutch government lost that desperate case at the European court. Since then research chemicals are perfectly legal to sell in the Netherlands for research purposes and as long it isn’t used for human consumption.

So this changes how research chemicals can be used, and how you can have them in your possesion. Now you can have research chemicals in your possesion and even sell them if only it’s not targeted for human consumption. Of course that’s logical, because research chemicals aren’t for human consumption at all, but for research.

Further more we will discuss the term research chemicals and what it actually means. Also we will discuss if research chemicals have any benefits for your health or or are they mostly harmful for your health?

What are research chemicals?

Designerdrugs or research chemicals are a group of drugs that still is under research and exist of a particular group of synthetic molecular compounds. From these compounds they make lots of different versions  There are two reasons they start making all these different versions. The first one is that they are looking for a particular compound that has some kind of benefit.

For the most the developers of the research chemicals are trying to find loopholes in the law by creating new types of drugs that are unknown. So those type of drugs are also not stated in any law, and therefor those compounds or research chemicals are still legal!

You mostly can have research chemicals on you to do research with, but it is forbidden to use them. Now we know what research chemicals are, it’s time to look for the pro’s and con’s or advantages or disadvantages of those research chemicals.ALD 52

The advantages (the pro’s) of research chemicals

First we’re going to look for the health benefits of research chemicals. You first need to understand something very important that research chemicals mostly look a bit like substances that are already in our body. In this way they can have a lot of influence on our brains. And this can positive and negative.

Fenylethylamines1 gram 4fa of 4fmp poeder

You have different categories of research chemicals. The first we discusss are the fenylethylamines like  4-fluoramfetamine or 4FA/4FMP. Those really don’t have a lot of healthbenefits. If you do know some, please sent us an email on so we can make this blog on research chemicals even better.


The second group is the tryptamines. In here we see 1-p-lsd or ALD-52 what are prodrugs for LSD. LSD can be used as a antidepressant or a booster for creativity. Within this group there are also some compounds that can be used against migraine.


Then we also ahve the cannabinoïds. Maybe that sounds a bit more familiair to you. This is because these substances are a bit like cannabis. Those compounds are also giving a relaxing effect,  but cannabinoïds do have a lot of different effects that are beneficial for your health.

Recently it has been proved that cannabinoïds can be a cure for cancer or that they greatly reduce the chance to getting some forms of cancer. But only chronic pijn can be really reduced with the use of cannabis. Futher more medicinal cannabis can be used to enlighten the symptones of epilepsy and the syndrome of Giles de la Tourette. Now these advantages are only coming from regular cannabis. You know they just makes this from a plant, the cannabis sativa. But other compounds in the same spectrum could also have the same, better or other healthbenefits. To find this out, there of course has to be done some research on those compounds first.

Empathogens1 gram 6APB of Benzofury

Further more there are the empathogens like MDMA and 6APB. They can be helpful with the treatment of autistic people and with psychotherapy. Do you want to read more about 6-APB. Click on What is 6-APB. For example MDMA or XTC is also in the final stages of research to use this drug for traumatreatment. Yes, warveterans are healing from their wartraumas with the use of MDMA. They were in Afghanistan to go also after the drugslords ( and now they’re helped with an illegal drug. It’s sort of the paradox what screams for a change….uh legalizing it?

It’s also a pityful paradox that one of the characteristics of research chemicals that not much research is done on them. That’s why there’s actually also not much know about them. When we keep researching designerdrugs they’re can be lots of other healthbenefits that we still can discover. For this reason we should continue to do research on all sorts of research chemicals.

The disadvantages of research chemicals

Research chemicals can also have very bad consequences. This can be a reason to ban them for using them, and maybe also for just having them in your possesion.

The biggest reason is of course that lots of people use these research chemicals just as partydrugs and this can be bad for your health. Like the drug drug GHL, that’s strongly related to the less harmful GHB. GHL can be irritating for the skin, but taking it orally can even harm your esophagus.

Also there’s is the psychedelic drug named Flakka on which you can get psychotic. In the media there are movies and pictures of people who behave very much like zombies. And again there is actually very little knowlegde about this drug. But that’s also because there hasn’t been a lot of research. Just because that people are mostly oblivious they take too much and start behaving like irrational zombies. So this can be very dangerous for the person taking the drug and the people around him or her.

So this research chemical is therefor mostly banned al over the world.

Little research is done on research chemicals…?

Paradoxally little research is actually done on research chemicals or designerdrugs. That’s also sort of difficult because new variations are popping up constantly. Therefor it’s really difficult to determine what the effects are on your health are. Maybe there are some very damaging ones, we just don’t know.

research en onderzoek naar research chemicalsFurther more is hard to find actual designerdrugs in the body of guinea pig or a trial person. Regular drugtest can’t be used. Often the old test are not sensitive to the new variant.

It’s one more reason more people start to experiment with designerdrugs. In this way they can avoid getting caught with traffic drugtest. An XTC-replacement like 6-APB will not give any positiv result on any current drugtest. So the MDMA user will get sent to court and maybe lose his or her driverslicence while the 6-APB researcher is driving along the road joyfully. This certainly brings also extra dangers to society.

Start making up your mind on research chemicals

At this time, you sort of now what research chemicals or designerdrugs are and what kind of role they play in our society. So you can start making up your own mind about them. You can chose if you’re all for or against research chemicals. Should they ban all this stuff completely and should they also stop researching them?

Or should we embrace the artificially enhanced states and pleasures?

Depending on the country people live in, for a lot of people this choice is not up to them anymore. If the choice is still up to you I hope you’re at least more informed to begin having some opinion about research chemicals.

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