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Research chemicals: pro’s and con’s (advantages and disadvantages)

Research chemicals. When people hear this word for the first time, this word sounds for the most people as something chemical and scientific. A lot of people  are more familiar with the synonym, designerdrugs. Designerdrugs are coming more and more in the news because governments are trying desperately to keep up with the new inventions of all the research labs in the word. The most popular substances they already banned or they try to ban them. Research chemicals like  6APB or 1-p-lsd, and 3mmc   are already forbidden in countries like Germany and Great Britain.

Why research chemicals get banned?

Yeah, good question. Why? Because for example with 1-p-lsd there is not 1 case of anybody dead or even having any health problems. So mostly it’s a sort of reflex. Or maybe there is more?

Think about it, governments are paid by big pharmacompanies, legal drugslords, like INBEV, DIAGEO, or HEINEKEN and big criminals. Because all they want is to sell their drugs at the best price possible. Ever thought of why Heineken does not like MDMA? People drink mostly lots of water and don’t drink too much beer when on MDMA. And rightfully so, we might ad.

Are research chemicals legal?

These substances are mostly new kinds of chemicals that are not too well known in the general public. Therefor governments did not really notice them, until they got more and more popular. The Dutch government did try to ban them with trying to state that research chemicals are some kind of medicines. They aren’t of course, so the Dutch government lost that desperate case at the European court. Since then research chemicals are perfectly legal to sell in the Netherlands for research purposes and as long it isn’t used for human consumption.

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What is 3MMC? Is 3MMC The Same As Mephedrone?

3MMC belongs to the category of research chemicals. 3-MMC has grown in popularity now for quite a while.

3MMC is closely related to 4MMC, also named Mephedrone or Meow Meow. 4MMC is sort of a combination between XTC/MDMA and cocaine.

4MMC or mephedrone

4MMC or mephedrone

So 3MMC isn’t Mephedrone like most people seems to think. This research chemical is just a bit different. Allthough 3MMC is sought after more and more lately. 4MMC is often used to enhance the mood and also to be perceived as a very social and likable human being. Also people do find it rather nice that the 4MMC ‘afterdip’ is lot less annoying than with MDMA.




buying 3MMC


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