What is 3MMC? Is 3MMC The Same As Mephedrone?

3MMC belongs to the category of research chemicals. 3-MMC has grown in popularity now for quite a while.

3MMC is closely related to 4MMC, also named Mephedrone or Meow Meow. 4MMC is sort of a combination between XTC/MDMA and cocaine.

4MMC or mephedrone

4MMC or mephedrone

So 3MMC isn’t Mephedrone like most people seems to think. This research chemical is just a bit different. Allthough 3MMC is sought after more and more lately. 4MMC is often used to enhance the mood and also to be perceived as a very social and likable human being. Also people do find it rather nice that the 4MMC ‘afterdip’ is lot less annoying than with MDMA.




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How you use 4MMC

You can use 4MMC in lots of different ways. You can choose to swallow it, only you can also enhale it. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. If you chose to swallow the 4-MMC, it can often take a while to experience the effects of the 4MMC. So it’s often unclear how much 4MMC a human body already has processed. So with swallowing it can take a while until all 4MMC has been completely processed in the human body. In this way it’s hard to determine if you are still under the influece of 4MMC or not.

Lots of people want the 4MMC effects immediately and chose to enhale the 4MMC. But if you enhale the 4MMC through the nose, it’s easy to damage your nose. 4-MMC is rather painful to enhale in the nose and often you will get a running nose from enhaling 4MMC. Therefor you should always take some rest off the mephedrone to prevent your nasal mucosa from getting damaged permanently.

Sound advice

It is sound advice not to use more than 300mg of 4-MMC . If you use between 100 and 125 mg you will get a nice (euphoric) feeling. Only if you use more you will also experience everything more intensely. Now you really going to space out. If you use about 200 mg of 4MMC, you can enjoy this drug for approximately 3 hours.

Dependable on which kind of effect you want to achieve with 4-MMC you can decide for youself, how much you would like to take. If you not really have a lot of experience with this drug, it’s common sense to slowly built up the dose. Also because it’s rather difficult how you will react, because everybody is reacting differently on the 4MMC effects.

The rather nice effects of 4MMC

The effects that do occur after taking 4MMC orally or nasally are simular to the combined effects of MDMA (XTC) and cocaine. You start to get a lot more energy and you do get quite a good feeling about yourself. You think you can take on the world. This effect is strongest at the first time you use 4MMC. Sitting stil will be quite difficult as you get the urge to stand up and move your body all night long!  So it’s the ideal research chemical for a night dancing and going out of your head. buying 3MMC

People also use 4MMC to get really ‘into it’ when having sex. You do have a lot more energy and you can really experience your feelings a lot better. So with 4MMC it can be a really unforgettable experience. If you use to much 4MMC it can happen for the men that they can’t have an erection. Of course this is something every man wants to prevent, so it’s again sane advice to start out slow.

Further more you do experience everything more intense. That is as valid for the nice things as also for the less nice things you experience. So you do get more in touch with your feeling while on 4MMC.

Also it’s much more easy to get into contact with people as you are a lot more open to conversation. You will find it more easy to talk with people, and so it’s easier to make contact. This is of course again something what makes your night out a lot more fun.

The Rather Annoying Side Effects of 4MMC

Too bad though that 4MMC has some rather annoying side effects. By swallowing or enhaling 4MMC your heartrate goes up big time! Your heart has to work harder, so run a bigger risk for cardiac arrhythmia and palpitations. So in case sometimes goes wrong with your heart, it will be harder to do CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on you.

4MMC is also very addictiv. If you use 4MMC more often to have a good time, you might get the idea that times are only good when you use 4MMC. And you will need more and more to keep having these good times. So be sensible and try to keep your use of 4MMC under control. Best always use 4MMC with mates and moderately.

Or be wise and only do research with a legal (allthough maybe not in your corrupt country) research chemical like 3MMC (not fit for consumption). Doing research on a substance like 3MMC is rather cheap compared to misusing a substance. In this way buying 3mmc will stay friends with your wallet.

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Further more you might encounter with 4MMC bruxism or teethgrinding and jaw clenching. So it’s sure advisable to put some chewing gum in your pockets. It also will be rather hard to get to sleep. So take into account that the first hours after you have taken 4MMC you won’t be able to sleep. In this way it’s not a good ibuying 3MMCdea to use 4MMC when you want to go to bed. Of course that’s unless you want to have a good time in bed with eachother.

Like we already said, feelings will be more intense with 4MMC. Sex will be better, but also negative feelings can be more intense. Some people do report panic attacts after using 4MMC. The rather annoying part of it is that during all the time 4MMC needs to leave your body these panic attacs keep coming. A lot of people who had panic attacts might even persist in having panic attacks long after they have taken 4MMC. This is because that at some time a fear of fear panic disorder can arise in your brain. It sure is very hard to get over such a thing.


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Research The Research Chemical 3MMC Wisely


In short 4MMC has an extraordinary effect. You experience everything a lot more intensely, you get lots of energy, and you think you got the whole world in your hand. But it’s rather addictive, it is rather dangerous for your physical health and it’s illegal. Legally buying 3MMC to research this  research chemical does seem to be a better idea. Allthough you have to take into account that 3MMC is not fit for consumption. So use the right protective gear when you’re researching it. 3MMC is certainly a research chemical that’s not without risks. It’s clearly very wise to take every precaution when you go out researching 3MMC. In this way every research project with 3MMC can be a lot of fun.

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